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Juliette Pelletier’s mixed-media paintings represent a bridge between centuries, continents, and cultures.  Her work explores temporal constructs, individuality, and philosophy within a collective unconscious, our context within history, scientific exploration, and the natural world. Artistically created with classical and technical renderings, elements of surrealism, and painterly abstraction, Ms. Pelletier creates a visually-stimulating narrative for the viewer to navigate.  

Residing in eight countries across five continents, Ms. Pelletier has a unique worldly perception. Juliette holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design in Paris and studied advanced classical painting and drawing at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.  Tracing the pathways of her worldly upbringing, Juliette has professionally exhibited in Canada, China, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the US. Juliette was one of four US-based artists invited to participate in the Sichuan University Artist in Residence Program in 2010 and is currently an active member of the South Bronx Independent Artist Coalition (SBIAC).

In addition to being a successful living artist, Ms. Pelletier is an entrepreneur and independent curator. She is the founder of Reflect-Arts, an organization partnering internationally with galleries, museums, and alternative art spaces to develop group exhibitions, performance events, and opportunities for new and established artists around the world.  

A resident of the Bronx, NYC, Juliette continues to work on her mystical and thought-inspiring painted works, while helping other artists, collaborators, non-profit organizations, and private clients through Juliette Solutions LLC, her namesake sole proprietorship, providing an array of consulting, business, and arts management services since 2018.


Education, Residencies, Memberships

Bronx, NY                                    South Bronx Independent Artist Coalition

March 2019 – present              Member, participating artist, and curator


Chengdu, China                       Sichuan University

July-September 2010               One of 4 US artists invited to their first artist in residency program


Toronto, Ontario                        University of Toronto

June 1995 – December 1996    Masters courses in art conservation and restoration


Paris, France                               Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts

October 1990-June 1991            Advanced figurative painting and drawing


Paris, France                               Parsons School of Design/American University of Paris

September 1986-May 1990       Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, minor in Art History

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