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Group Exhibitions

Chongqing, China Independent & Image Art Space

April 2024 Black & White


Miami, FL Arthood56 6, Art Basel Miami

December 2022  Synergy Art Fair

Bronx, NY Hellgate Arts Gallery
May 2019 South Bronx Independent Artist Coalition


Bronx, NY Fountain Head

May 2016 On the Port Morris Side


Chengdu, China A4 Gallery

February 2011 


Chengdu, China Sichuan University 

September 2010 Highland Artist Residency

New York, NY Starlight Ballroom
May 2010 Artists in Hell’s Kitchen 


Bronx, NY Fountainhead Gallery BX

May 2010 Ten Bronx Artists


New York, NY Altermodern Productions
January 2010 Essential Music and Art Show


Newark, NJ New Jersey School of Architecture Gallery

Fall 2009 Theatre Town


Atlanta, GA Atlanta International Airport

Fall 2009 Canvas Project 2


New York, NY AE Studios LIC

June 2009


New York, NY Arena Studios

May 2009 Manifesto


Tokyo, Japan The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo

February 2009


New York, NY Metro Pictures

January 2009 Visual AIDS


Newark, NJ New Jersey School of Architecture Gallery

October 2007 The Devil Comes to Newark 


Southampton, NY Lana Santorelli Gallery

August-September 2007 Tragedy & Transformation


Framingham, MA Paul Alexander Gallery 

June-September 2007 Self & Thought + Expression


New York, NY Ico Gallery

May 2007 6 Surrealists


New Haven, CT New Haven Symphony Orchestra

April-October 2007 Art Violin Project 2007


Carrouge, Switzerland Jay Kay Gallery

February 2007 Future Species


Framingham, MA Paul Alexander Gallery

January 2007 Salon 7


Newark, NJ New Jersey School of Architecture Gallery

October 2006 Jailhouse Revival 

New York, NY 3-B Gallery

September 2006 Bordering on Realism 


New York, NY Agni Gallery

September 2006 Rated R for Random


Carrouge, Switzerland Jay Kay Gallery

March 2006 Collages


Florence, Italy Fortezza di Basso

December 2005  


Beijing, China Beijing Natural Cultural Center, Jialuan Art House

August 2005

Santa Barbara, CA Women’s Center Gallery, University of Santa Barbara, CA

October – December 2003 Visions of the 21st Century Woman – featuring works from the Pioneering Spirit series 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

October 2003 Brave Destiny


Framingham, MA The Danforth Museum of Art

May 2003


Allaman, Switzerland Château d’Allaman

April 2003 Ethereal


Lausanne, Switzerland Jay Kay Gallery

August-October 2002 L’Asie


Geneva, Switzerland Galerie Imperiano

May 2001


Miami Beach, FL Bettcher Gallery

April 2001 The Year in Review


Mt. Kisco, NY Westchester Center for the Arts

March 2001 Literary References in Art - Curated by Bilski Fine Arts


Allaman, Switzerland Château d’Allaman

September-October 2000 Multiculturalismes


Tucson, Arizona Central Arts Collective

September 1998 Encroachment: Nowhere to Hide


Lausanne, Switzerland Galerie Leonardo

June 1997 La Groupe Cinq


Toronto, Canada East York City Hall 

September 1994  


Toronto, Canada 33rd Outdoor Art Exhibit

July 1994 


Toronto, Canada Pulse Gallery

February 1992 Emergence Toronto

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